Coffee and endurance ride

Beginning this year embarked on a new adventure – introducing fresh roast Vietnamese coffee beans to the USA.  It is and will be a long, hard road ahead but I think it worth a try.  I think Vietnamese coffee has a lot of offer.  It is just a matter of finding and cultivating the right source.

I had brought back a small amount and been roasting in my garage.  Over this past weekend I was invited to spectate the 33rd Fireworks Endurance Ride (horse event) in Santa Cruz.  To contribute to my free entry, I brought along with me fresh roasted beans 2 days before and a couple sets of pour over to serve the horse community in the morning.  It was a great turn out and gave me more fuel to continue.

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Angel Island


It took me over twenty five year of living in the Bay Area to set foot on this island, and finally I did over the weekend.  It takes an hour drive and another 30 minutes ferry to get on this island, but all worth it.  Definitely do the hike to Mt Livermore.  It takes about 2h30m round trip with stops along the way for photos and water breaks.  The total elevation gain is only 800ft.


I asked myself why haven’t I been here?




My whole body was covered in salt, I was half baked, but the cool AC air and a cold root beer in a cafe felt so good.  My co-worker stared blankly at me and offered me his registration to the Death Ride, which will take place in 3 weeks.  “Thanks, I don’t have any desire to suffer”, I shook my head.  If the same offer was made 2 years ago, I’d snatch that up in a heart beat.


Listened to my co-workers’ conversation about their training plan for the event during our drive up to Markleeville sent a chill down my spine.  The 12+ hours of physical suffering and mental challenge sounded so foreign to me, even though it was only last year I completed the 200 miles ride from Mt Diablo to Mt Hamilton.


As a matter of fact, seeing people get excited about simple things like this and pushing their limit made me wanting to join them on their training rides even more.  I was once in their shoes and would be dying for someone to show me the rope, encouraged me to go outside of my comfort zone.  It is time for me to return the favor.


Ride photos:


Marshland art


It’s nice to be home, again.  The weather here is extremely odd.  Cold, hot, cold.  Even rained in June, that was the first time I experienced such thing.

Coyote Hills is a neat little place.  I’ve ridden my road bike through here a couple of times but climbed to the top of the hill and looked down is a completely different experience.  The wildlife here is rich with many varieties of bird.  It was very windy during my visit there, strong enough to shake my camera.  I was told winter time is a great time to visit.  The bayview trail to the west side of the park is a great walk with San Francisco in sight.  The hike is not all that difficult, mostly flat and exposed.  Go check it out!







Few more photos here


The human billboard


In this series I captured the lives of those who stand behind the advertising billboard in Bangkok, Thailand, where I spend a lot of my time working nowadays.  Let’s be honest, here at home (USA) we all find those sign spinners are doing an amazing job.  They spin the sign.  They dance to the music.  In Bangkok things are a bit different.  Most of them are teenager.  They hide behind the billboard either waiting for their shift to be over or playing with their phone.  It took me awhile to finally figure out why are these teenagers hiding behind a billboard.  They were actually in possession of it.


As an engineer and technologist, I find these tasks are such a waste of human talent. I always wondered if these ad/marketing strategy really work.






24 hours in Las Vegas




I find the strip too crowded.  The people smoking inside the building are disgusting.  I have no patience for sitting in one place to test out my luck.  I am ok with the low light lifestyle.  I can be easily entertained even out in the middle of nowhere.  Eyes can see as far as the horizon.  Nothing out here except rock and sky.  The breeze makes it less hot but the brightness is intense.

Near miss


Here’s a joke, who brings a laptop on a hike?  Asian does!

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Night and day in Bangkok


At night it’s a very vibrant.  Sometimes I take the train from one end of Bangkok to the other.  I know this city quite well now.  People at the hotel recognize me.


I try my best not to hate it anymore.  Things become less strange to me.  I learn to move at their pace.  And surprisingly things will work itself out.


The morning colors are different.


Sometimes I walk aimlessly.  I find it better that way.  Photograph whatever I see instead of having an agenda.  Perhaps I won’t be disappointed that way.

Spring 2017 Bangkok photos


48 hours in Viet Nam

VietNam 2017-3

Vung Tau

Nearly 9 years after I first visited Viet Nam in 2008, the country has changed a lot more than I do.  I don’t think I change even a little bit.  Actually a lot of jobs change since the economy crash.  I went to this very beach on a church summer vacation 4 months before my family left to the USA.

One thing had not changed and perhaps will never change, everyone went into the water with their shirt on.

VietNam 2017-6

Soon and very soon Saigon will be like Bangkok.  High-rises are going up at an alarming rate.  In four years there will be an underground metro system.

VietNam 2017-7

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

It is quite beautiful.  Perhaps this was my very first time seeing the cathedral.  It appears to be a date place.  Youngsters taking selfies around the church on Sunday early afternoon.

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