Photo by Tommy Wu

I love to create still images for it is my way of personal expression, telling stories and creating a long lasting memories.  From 2008-2010 coupling writing with photography, I worked for Nha magazine with works ranged from travel journalism to sporting events coverage.  During my spare time I like to climb mountain and cycling.

“Duc’s landscape photography evokes sense of isolation and calmness that the viewer can definitely identify with the maker. He has an intellecutal way of interpreting a scene and thus make his images judicously in that regard. His passion for his work resonates when you inquire his approach in crafting his art. I am looking forward to see more in the near future.” –  Tommy Wu.

“I have worked with Duc for the past 3 years on various projects. He has always been professional, hardworking and a pleasure to work with. His personal and technical skills would make him asset to any team.” – Lisa Cavolina.

I currently reside in beautiful sunny San Jose, California.   You can always reach me at duc.h.le@gmail.com or +1.408.705.3652 if you have any question.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Marco A.Romo says:

    Hello Duc, Thank you for including me in this circle of friends.
    I’ve got to apologize for judging you so lightly, I read some of your most recent postings and I was touch. “communication is a key to a healthy relationship” such a simple frase,and yet, how can so many of us screw things so badly?


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