48 hours in Viet Nam

VietNam 2017-3

Vung Tau

Nearly 9 years after I first visited Viet Nam in 2008, the country has changed a lot more than I do.  I don’t think I change even a little bit.  Actually a lot of jobs change since the economy crash.  I went to this very beach on a church summer vacation 4 months before my family left to the USA.

One thing had not changed and perhaps will never change, everyone went into the water with their shirt on.

VietNam 2017-6

Soon and very soon Saigon will be like Bangkok.  High-rises are going up at an alarming rate.  In four years there will be an underground metro system.

VietNam 2017-7

Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

It is quite beautiful.  Perhaps this was my very first time seeing the cathedral.  It appears to be a date place.  Youngsters taking selfies around the church on Sunday early afternoon.

Complete album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/duclephotography/albums/72157680331719150





One thought on “48 hours in Viet Nam

  1. Hoang le says:

    It is emotion that you still remember our last church summer trip to Vung Tau. Hope you enjoyed your time there.

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