Rock stacking guru


Sunset on McAbee Beach

While it was wet and cold in the Bay Area over the weekend, the coastline was surprisingly warm and sunny.  It was early spring t-shirt weather.    Along McAbee beach near the aquarium  there were a few local hanging out, one of them wore a t-shirt with “rock stacking guru” writing on it.  His name is Ron.


Ron the rock stacking guru

Ron told me he is a homeless but did not appear so to me.  He has an iPad, cigarette vapor,  a smart phone and even a Facebook account, of which I don’t even have.  He loved to talk about his passion in rock stacking.  He stacked a few rocks.  Some lasted longer than others.  He told us about the 1st annual Monterey Rock Balancing Festival on Sunday 2.12.2017 at 12pm along McAbee beach.  I guess if you are in the area, might be worthwhile to check it out.


This is my creation

The rest of the day was quiet and nice.  It was nice to watch the sun goes down in the ocean.  It has been awhile.  Last time I sat still and watched the sun goes down was in Africa.


Sunset on fisherman’s wharf




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