Sweet November 2016


^ South Rim trail, Alumn Rock park ^


I got into cycling years ago as a way to discover and roam.  Cycling is a solitary sport.  I am very happy in my own company.  I am used to it now, and it doesn’t bother me.  It’s hard to catch a sunrise due to work but the sunset will do me just fine.

Around this time last year I got myself a brand new road bike for my old one is slowly deteriorating away as it’s getting old.  When the new year arrived I told myself to ride as much as I can.  I set a goal for 10k miles.  An achievable goal that I have never reached in the past but  nothing for most veteran cyclists.  You often heard of people say fear will keep you alive, and that’s true.  In contrary, goal will kill you.  By the end of October (less 7 weeks of work in Thailand) I’ve clocked in over 10,000 miles – exceeded my own expectation.  But it took a toll on me.  My lower back starts to hurt – my guess is that I have sciatica.  Saddle sores came and gone.  I went through a modest amount of sunscreen in a month. To some point my goal became a nightmare when it comes to travel for work or taking a weekend off.  I stressed out wondering if I would ever reach my own goal.  Little did I know I turned what I enjoy doing into a daily chore.

With all that miles I put on in a short amount of time, one thing I must be thankful for is not being hit by a car. By the time November came life was not all about cycling, no longer a chore.  I slowed down so I can enjoy it and to remind myself of how beautiful Northern California is.  There are trails to explore and ocean to dip my feet in and a short drive to the mountain would bring snow.

It’s always been and will be a magical month.


^ Calaveras resevoir ^



^ McNee Ranch state park in Pacifica ^



^ Squaw Valley after a snow storm ^



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