Oct 2016 Thailand work


Haew Suat fall

It’s Thai time again.  This time I am going for only 2 weeks.  Longer would kill me.  With only 1 weekend to explore I wasted no time.  Saturday I visited Khao Yai national park.  This park by far is my most favorite park here in Thailand with several picturesque waterfalls and dense forest with a lot of interesting critters.   I believed the above waterfall, Haew Suat fall, was in The Beach movie with DiCaprio.

The climate here was perfect.  A little misty and foggy in the morning.  Much cooler than Bangkok and zero mosquito.  I saw so many cyclists on the road and it made me missed home so much.  It is something I would be doing if I was home.  Some parts of the road seem quite steep and technical.  It would be a fun climb and challenging descent.

Monkeys are everywhere.  I was not lucky enough to see wild elephants but they do exist in the park.  It’s definitely required more than 1 day to explore.  There were other longer hikes but I didn’t have enough time.

On the way back to Bangkok I stopped by Chokchai farm for a tour.  It was ok.  I was not thrill with the fact that the tour guide spoke Thai the entire time.  Their milk candy was good.  I bought some to bring back to the States.


This weekend Bangkok happened to have a bicycle expose.  Well, of course I would be there.  The expose was more or less a market place.  Lot of shops selling goods.  There was a few branded bicycle makers there that I recognized included Shimano.  I spent a good 3-4 hours there played around with bikes and talked with folks.  I was tired with all the walking by the end of the day.

Complete trip photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/duclephotography/albums/72157673506878822



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