Arts in Thailand


“Why do you want to go there?” Some how the question made me startled a bit before I can explain to a stranger along the freeway in Bangkok that I wanted to see some art.   The sun was beating down hard and I was soaked in sweat. 

To occupy my time this weekend I decided to hit all the art and history museum in BKK.  

MOCA (museum of contemporary art) is located on the outskirts of Bangkok that no train or subway could reach.  I could made thing easy on myself by getting a taxi for 30mins and I’d be there.  Most locals don’t even know the existence of this place.  Somehow I made it to this MOCA  after a couple of hours by train, local bus and walking.  Lot of walking.  

On Sunday I visited the Siam and National museums.   Which are easier to get to. 

To sum it all up, arts in Thailand involved around Buddha.  Most of them are recent.  All the paintings at MOCA are in the 20th and 21st century.  

I think I’m ready to go home.  The next 3 weeks will be long.  My friends at home are conquering mountains and racing bicycles.    I’m stuck here in Bangkok checking out arts that people don’t care much. here are some photos



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