March madness

Blue oak ranch

Blue Oak ranch

Horse on Miguelita

I first broke 1,000 miles/month ride in May 2014 and I remember telling myself not to do that ever again.  But then here I go again couldn’t resist the temptation of speed and wild flowers that El Nino brought to the Bay Area.  California had been a in drought long enough that I forget how beautiful the hills can be.  I forget that my side of the Bay Area offers the wildest setting of wild flowers.

So I determined to ride more to see these beautiful flowers before they disappear and might not come back for years, possibly forever.  There were days I was dog sick but forced myself to get on Black Bird and charged up the hill.  Once the legs started to move and the quietness of the mountain and the lack of people kicked in I suddenly felt better.  Maybe it was the freshness in the air.

By end of March my determination paid off I beat my own record.  The pressure is now off my shoulder.  I felt as if a heavy backpack had been lifted off at the end of a long trek.


Red barn on Miguelita

Red barn on Miguelita


Cyclists on Mt Hamilton

Cyclists on Mt Hamilton


4 thoughts on “March madness

  1. DT says:

    300 miles a week, wow. Good job. You’re ready for Death Ride!

    I agree that cycling in spring is the best time. Cool temperature, beautiful wildflowers. I love the top picture. Nice composition, good depth, good details. Where is Blue Oak Ranch? It looks like it’s on Calaveras Hills since I see Mt Hamilton in the background on the right.

    That red barn looks like the red barn on Dunne Ave in Morgan Hill going up Henry Coe.

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