Goodbye Lucy

QR Lucy

Today I said goodbye to my dear Lucy after 4 years of partnering.  Length of time is merely a reflection of how well you know your partner or the quality of the relationship.  Lucy and I rode up to a podium at least a couple of times.  We battled through the gruesome desert heat and multiple flats to finish my first ever Ironman.  And just like in every relationship, we had our ups and downs.  We’ve crashed and bled together but we learned how to carry our scars and move on stronger than ever.

Breaking up doesn’t always have to leave behind negative impacts.  As a matter of fact, I am hoping Lucy’s new partner will bring her up to a bigger podium, make use of her full potential.  I’ve taken her to my full potential but I want to see more out of her.  SO best of luck to the next rider.  It’s ok to dream big and unless you get out of your comfort zone, you will never find yourself.

to my dearest Lucy



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