SJ landscape rebate program


I’ll propose something like this to the city

California is now deepen in the 4th year of drought.  Car washing and watering plants would be the last thing anyone wants to use the precious water for.  And for that reason my lawn is slowly dying.  Five years ago when I worked on my backyard I should have been a bit smarter and did something similar to my front yard, which has no grass at all and all the plants are drought tolerance.

Now that I can’t stand looking at my lawn, I am thinking of taking advantage of the rebate program from the city of San Jose.  They offer $2/ft^2 to remove lawn and replace at least 50% with drought tolerance plants.  I have about 1,300 ft^2 of grass (enough to build a second home).  If I do something simple and economically $2,600 should pay for half of the project.

The process appear to be lengthy  First I have to schedule an appointment, which I did for 4/23.  Appointment seems to be about 2 weeks out.  Will see if I am qualified.

Some websites I visited to get some ideas:



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