Bike vs. Car #4(?)

A typical bike lane in San Jose is at least 2 feet wide.  At 6.30 in the morning the road is usually empty.  For someone who likes to break rules, I’ve been good and stayed inside the bike lane.

My music was on, only one ear bud plugged in so I can hear the car coming with my other ear.  It was  supposed to be a beautiful long day ride – 120 miles with 12,000 ft of elevation gain.  I worked hard for the whole week, this is the ONE thing I looked forward to.  And then *BAM* something hit my left elbow real hard.  I almost lost control.  It was a car.

He drove on for another 50 yards before he stopped.  I wondered if he was trying to run away or he didn’t know I was hit.  There are 2 lanes on each side of the road, he could have taken the other lane or do the proper give cyclist 3 feet.

I start collecting pictures of people who hit me.  BAD people!


I was in a bike lane.




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