Diving in Bali

Here are some high and low ligth from my diving trip in Bali:

1.     I believed I’ve killed hundred of mosquitos.  In return they have bitten me from head to toes.  Every inch of my body.  I asked the front desk person at my hotel to do something about it.  He answered “you have nice English accent”. What does my accent have to do with mosquitos and how does it help me sleep better at night?

2.   Good things I’ve stuffed my face in Taiwan with all the good foods, otherwise I’d be starving in Bali.

3.  Dives were ok.  Mediocre visibility.  Good sea life, though I was expecting large fishes.  I’ve seen most of the stuff here in Bali.  In one site there were these old and frail ladies carried all the air tanks for us, to and from the restaurant.  I felt bad for them.

4.  Beaches in Kuta area filled with rubbish.  What a disappointment.

5.  Indonesia charges $35 to get in…OK visa cost I understand.   To leave the country one also has to pay 200,000 rupees.   I thought Vietnam was bad, this is absurd.  At least Vietnam didn’t charge people to leave.

I really wanted to go home now.

Trip photos



3 thoughts on “Diving in Bali

  1. DT says:

    My wife visited Bali a few years ago and she too was disappointed at how bad the beaches at Bali were (after reading Eat, Love and Pray, or something like that). It seems like the tourism office there do a good job of marketing the island whereas the reality was so much different.

    Great photos as always.

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