Levi’s stadium

49ers Levi's stadium

49ers Levi’s stadium

I went to a work related conference today mostly because I wanted to see the inside of Levi’s stadium.  It’s a football (American football) stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers (in Santa Clara).  The first game played here was a soccer game couple of months ago.

The conference was held on 4th floor and I believed the section belonged to Citrix club.  I don’t know much about the stadium business so this is all new to me.  As I was talking to one of the concierge there I realized it’s really expensive to be a fan.  Different club has different price tag and benefits.  The 50 yard line (+/-10) zone are the most expensive seat.  Unlike other stadiums I’ve been too, this one also catered to events like the conference I was attending so it’s more than just a stadium.  Their solar power source can power up to 10 games and all grass water are recycled…pretty impressive.  There’s a daily tour for $25.

The cheapest ticket I think is at least $100.  There was a guy at the conference selling an end zone ticket 4 floors up for $200 each so go figure.

I can never see myself be a fan of any stadium sport.  Watching a PRO cycling event on the street costs ZERO dollar.



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