How does the beet grow?


Last Fall I planted beets and swiss chards side by side.  Since I never grew them before I had no idea how they look and when is a good time to harvest.  In addition when these two are still young, beets and chards leaves are very much similar.  It was hard to tell them apart.

This weekend I removed everything as these vegetables are getting too old and it’s time to start growing some summer crops (don’t know which ones to grow yet…suggestions???).  The photo above is half of what I pulled off from the ground.  These beets are huge.  A month ago I gave my mom some and she made soup with them.  They were so tasty!

Beet and chard are definitely on my list of growing next fall.  They don’t get eaten buy bugs like soft leaves vegetables (i.e. napa cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes).  I am getting better with this whole micro-farming and loving it.



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