Point Reyes riding

Why box me in?

I want to see the world

I want to see the wave from above

I want to see the wild flowers in Spring

Leave the sun on

So I can ride to my destination

So I can have my fun

So I don’t have to go home




This weekend I crashed my friend Tony and his wife camping trip at Point Reyes.  I have been to the area a couple of times for oysters but never spend the night.  And I see that there’s a lighthouse in the area.  I am obsessed with lighthouse.  There’s something romantic about it.  In darkness lighthouse is a sign of hope.  Its structure stands against the stormy sea conveys strength and courage.  I must see it.  “I must see all the lighthouses in California” I told myself.

I came up early on Saturday since I couldn’t take Friday off.  Without scarify my Saturday routine, that’s riding my bike, I took my mountain bike along with me.  Like child who I couldn’t find a babysitter for the weekend.  Instead of backpack in to the camp site and come back out to get my bike, I decided to “backpackriding” in.  It was hell of a workout with a 30 pounds bag on my back.  I couldn’t do any crazy jumps.

For the most part the camp site is pretty clean.  There’s potable water so I didn’t bring my filtration system.  I couldn’t stand the outdoor toilet so I dig my own hole instead.  The beach is nice.  I walked around and took some photos.  I was hoping to see some sunset but the fog is just too dense.

The ride to the lighthouse is spectacular.  Twisty roller profile.  Lush hills along the Pacific.  Occasionally the cows came out and said hello to me.  Out of all the lighthouses in the Bay Area here (Santa Cruz, Monterey, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, San Francisco), this one is probably the most difficult one to get to and more remote.  But the setting is my most favorite.  Breathtaking!  From the ranger station at the lighthouse, miles of the Pacific coast stretch in front of me and it is just simply beautiful.

Riding among distracted tourists and road with potholes is not fun so be careful!


Trip photos:



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