3 days of repipe

Day 1: bye bye old pipes

8.30am: the crew of four arrived with a truck load of copper pipes on top of the truck.  My first impression was that hey are pretty on time. Only 1 of the crew member speak English.  He seemed to be the pack leader.  Minutes after the first hand shake the crew got right down to business.  Laid out floor cover and wrapped furnitures with plastic cover.  They splitted up in areas: one in the craw space, one managed the two baths, one took care of the water heater and kitchen and one worked on the city line while I watched and learned.

10.30am: majority if not all of the galvanize pipes were removed.  I was thinking the job might be done by 4-5pm.

3.30pm: city line connected to the front yard.  We turned on the faucet and checked for leak.  Everything was fine.  Baths and kitchen were connected together.  Now it’s time to bring the line to the water heater.

5pm: with the outlet turned off at the water heater tank we turned on hot water line for the washer to see if water is coming out.  Low and behold there was water in the line.  BAD!  the 2 lines in the craw space seemed to cross. The pack leader put on his jump suit, face mask and rushed to the craw space.  He was not quite happy with craw space expert’s work.

6.30-7pm: everything seemed to work correctly.  They put back all the valves and checked everything for the last time and cleaned up.  I wrote a 2/3 check.  I spent the next two hours mopping the floor and dusting the house.  Didn’t have dinner until 9.30pm.  Yum!


plate to cover tiles


1" old pipe half clogged

1″ old pipe half clogged


Though I barely lifted my fingers in this project I still felt overwhelm with the whole house project now.  I just don’t enjoy it as much as I used to be.  The energy of working all day and cleaning at the end of the day is not there anymore.  I guess these things can not be avoided as a home owner.  There will always things to be fixed and replaced.

If it is not for water quality and pipe leak I would just leave the galvanize for as long as I can.  Now that I have better water flow I feel very wasteful, especially there is no rain in CA.  It does sound very cheap but lately I collect shower water to flush the toilet.  Every little will help the shortage.  Most shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 gal/min.  An average person shower length is 5-10mins.  That seems like a lot of water to me.

Day 2: inspection

11am: a big man from SJ city came.  He poked around to make sure everything is up to code.  He asked me for the craw space (wondered if he is going down).  He stepped down and looked at the new pipe but I wondered if he was able to see anything or just for show.  He is so big that he can barely fit through my craw space opening.

He wrote a bunch of stuff and told me to schedule another appointment once everything is patched and completed.  The whole process took less than 1/2 hour but I felt like my whole day was wasted just by waiting.

Day 3: finish touch

8.30am: door bell rang.  Two guys showed up.  I was expecting more, another crew of 4 maybe.  Out of two guy only one did the work.  The older man spent most of his time on the whole and smoking cigaret.  It was such an opposite setting as day 1 where everyone worked pretty hard.

I thought touching up day would be less messy and faster but I was wrong.  There was more cutting of dry wall to make existing holes more square.  The place was a big mess again.

12pm: front yard was filled and things were back where they belong.  Well sort of.

3pm: baths and kitchen were patched.  Then came the texture part.  Upstair bath was done without a hitch.  We went to downstair bath and the texture gun clogged.  Great!  The guy called his company for back up and an hour later someone showed up with a different gun.

At this point the garage wall still had a lot of holes.

4pm: the backup gunman showed up and he took over the texturing part while the other two worked on the garage.

5pm: everything was patched and textured.  Cleanup done.

7pm: I finished my part of the cleaning up.



Day 4: Duc will have to paint.  I’ll probably cheat and just paint the new areas instead of the whole two baths.  The day is 12/29.  What a turbulence year.  I am looking forward to 2014.

I need a drink.




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