3 miles radius

Starting this week my world all of the sudden shrunk down significantly.  Everything I need is within a 3 miles radius.  In the morning I walk about 1.5 miles to work (seriously).  On my way home from work I can stop by a supermarket to pick up grocery.  If I wanted to I can even walk 2.0 miles to church.

When my friend, YB, first introduced me to her horoscope website (astrologyzone.com), I thought that was a dump thing to believe in.  However, recently I find a lot of the stuff written on the website are pretty accurate.  For a long time I refuse to believe that our lives are predetermined.     I always wanted to go against the force of nature to create my own adventure and write my own stories.  Sometimes it feels like the harder I swim to escape (whatever that is I am trying to escape) the more I get sucked back into this strong current and ended up going no where.


Last look of the wet land on 12/6/13. So long semiconductor

During my summer gig at Lam  I sometimes went out for a lunch after work behind the building I was in.  Despite the smelly air from the Milpistas’ dumpster, the scenery is pretty awesome.  I can see as far Moffet field on the other side of the bay.  And when I ran far out enough I felt really nice to be alone in the middle of nowhere.





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