When Lowes first came to the Bay I thought it would be [the] store I’d go to for everything is so organized in there.  They have a button in every department to get an associate to come over.  My last couple of days at Lowes and Home Depot (HD) have made me changed my mind.

Home problem #1: leaky faucet.  Solution: changed the ball seals.  Sound easy right?  I first stopped by HD on my way home from work, browsed the isles and asked the sales associates for kitchen faucet stuff.  Without even try to give my problem some thoughts, his first answer was I would have better luck if I go to Dale Hardware (DH) because they carry more kitchen stuff.  I never heard of DH.  Since I didn’t have the old parts with me at the time I just left HD.

First thing I did when I got home was taking apart my faucet handle.  Ripped out the seat seals and took everything with me to Lowes on Brokaw.  Looked around but couldn’t find the same parts I have on hands.  I pressed the button.  Someone came.  He told me that the problem is in the faucet not the handle and pointed me to a picture on the wall showing how to disassemble the faucet.  After talking with him for awhile I got so frustrated, I decided to look up Dale Hardware.  It’s all the way in Fremont north of my work place.  My watch read 7pm.  Traffic on 880N would be terrible.  I drove up there anyway.

My first impression with DH was “wow”.  So clean and organized!  The old man knew exactly what I needed.  They have everything to rebuild my faucet.  Even two different materials for the same parts…I was in awe.  I didn’t know they are part of ACE Hardware.

Home problem #2: rusty galvanize pipe.  Solution: repipe the whole house.  For one it’s out of my league to do by myself and two timing is bad, now is not a good time.  I read online there are ways I can either tape or apply some compound (epoxy like) to the spot for temporary fix.  I went to Lowes again…I know, stupid me.  Same guy from the other day.  He picked up a PVC joining adhesive and showed it to me.  I was “wow”, you must be kidding me!  I decided not to waste my time so I called DH.  The voice on the other line sounds familiar.  Sounded like an old man who helped me from the other day.  He told me they do have some compound for that purpose.

Guess where am I going tomorrow during lunch time?  Dale Hardware is my new favorite hangout place now.

Repipe the whole house and to the street line project is happening soon I guess.  Of all the house improvement projects I hate dealing with water the most.

I hate being grown up!  Too much responsibilities.



One thought on “Repipe

  1. DT says:

    Dale Hardware, first time I had heard of it. I’ll check them out. Thanks!

    I recognize the landscape in your header pic. Always a pretty, quiet ride.

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