My first criminal complaint

Case no.: N130816; Terese Drabec, D.A. from Alpine county superior court in violation of §4326(a) of the California code of regulations, an infraction.  People in the bear country take it very seriously if you leave a cooler outside unattended, even during the day. 

About a month ago I went camping with some friends and their family at Grover hot spring in Markleeville.  Sat morning some of us left for a bike ride with a cooler left outside because we thought it would be ok during the day with people left behind at the campsite.  Unfortunately not.  We got back with my cooler missing and a yellow ticket posted to the bear locker. 

A month later I got a letter from the D.A. office giving an option to post bail (with no dollar amount) or appear in court by 8/19/13.  My initial thought was that it will be thousands of dollars.  As it turned out it was only $280…phew.  I thought the wordings was so dramatic (i.e. criminal, bail…).

Lesson learned here, never leave your cooler outside.  I was wondering what would be the fine for leaving it your car.  I think it would be much more because it encourages bear to break in.  Whatever it is, don’t try.  Not worth it.




One thought on “My first criminal complaint

  1. DT says:

    Glad to know that it wasn’t so bad. My brother-in-law also got one in the mail. I will let Young know. We will share the ticket with you.
    I agree the letter language is heavy handed and unnecessary. I looked up the regulation. Here it is:

    (a) Protection. No person shall molest, hunt, disturb, harm, feed, touch, tease, or spotlight any kind of animal or fish or so attempt.

    I guess they interpret the act of leaving a cooler outside as equivalent to feeding bears. I don’t think we can be guilty of molesting a bear; it’s normally the other way around 🙂

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