SF stroll

San Francisco is only 50 minutes away from where I live but believe me, it is a world apart for me.  I hardly go up there and even if I do, it is only from  point to point.  This weekend I spend my Saturday evening and night at a friend’s place in Bernal Height.  The city reminded me of Vietnam where I grew up.  Crowded.  Houses inches apart from each others.  Walking from place to place.  Almost everyone knows everyone in the neighborhood.

Before dinner on Sat at Vega, we strolled up to Bernal Height park for a spectacular view of the city and watched the sunset from there.  Vega is a small Italian restaurant that can’t hold more than 40 people but the foods were delicious.  The Cranke Lake petite sirah tasted so good.  After dinner we walked to Mitchell’s ice cream for another long line of waiting.

Sunday started out with coffee and pastry at Martha cafe, another long line restaurant.  Strolled up and down Cortland Ave with random stops at the bookstore, bike shop, succulence shop.  Each shop is unique and the people behind the counter are also very interesting.

At Martha we were watching a lady babysitting her kid and her friend’s kid playing Candy Land board game while sipping our coffee.  After the first game the kids were fighting because one didn’t want to play anymore.  To resolve the issue she pulled out her quarter and flipped it.  Head shown.  Second game was ON.  The boy insisted not to play but the lady told him something that really made me think.  She told a 3/4 years old to accept what life gives you and enjoy it.  I paused for a moment and looked over to the boy to see his reaction.  He played on without complaining.

At the succulence shop we had a long chat with the employee there.  Nothing in particular but before we departed, Victor told me the similar line that the lady we met at Martha told the little boy is to “accept”.

The city and its people showed me things that I have long searching for – the acceptance of randomness in life.



City scape from Bernal Height park


The New Wheel electric bikes shop


View of the Golden Gate bridge


Vega restaurant




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