Pizza & coke

Pizza & coke

This past Saturday I found myself standing in line in a familiar place sixty miles away from home.  As I scanned around the crowded place for my turn to place my order,  I came across a quote that read “experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes” by Oscar Wilde.  I cracked a smile and thought how funny the quote applied to me so well.  What brought me to The Cheeseboard Pizza (TCP) in Berkeley was a mistake I made along my ride.  I got separated from my group and totally missed the turn during the descent.  When I realized that I was lost and strayed too far away from the group I decided to charge on to Berkeley and perhaps to take BART back to Fremont and ride from there back to San Jose.  Once I arrived in Berkeley it was around lunch time.  Then the thought of having lunch came up.  The first thing came to mind was TCP.  Visiting Berkeley and not having a slice of TCP will be an incomplete trip.

For years TCP has been my favorite place for pizza.  From the foods to the settings, Berkeley never let me down.  Last time I ever made my way up to Berkeley was so long ago that I don’t even remember.

I stood in front of TCP by my bike with a coke bottle in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.  While enjoying every bite of the gourmet vegetarian pizza with corn and pesto sauce topping, I also enjoyed some the very last hours of my freedom before heading back to work on Monday, 6/3/13.  My two weeks of unemployment went by in a blur.  I knew the laid off was coming and though I didn’t care much about my job at Intevac, it is always a hard feeling to be on the other side of being rejected.  The feeling of shame and guilt came rushing in.  I quickly got over it and accepted it as it is part of life; and it is normal.  I thought about leaving on a trip but did not know where to go.  I just recently came back from Asia and plus my siblings are coming from Texas in July so I thought I just save my money for July.

So here I am, starring down the familiar busy street of Shattuck  in Berkeley and soon going back to the semiconductor industry, at Lam Research, on Monday and working with familiar faces and products.

I did not plan to be in Berkeley but I made the best of my “mistaken” journey and enjoyed my time there.  I didn’t plan to get laid off but I will make the best of my time with whatever I work on.  I can no longer control everything around me anymore.  just close my eyes and go with wherever life takes me to.


Looking out to the Bay



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