It’s passion…it’s dream…it’s a freaking job.  I am sharing some of the blogs I came across about career choice as I have been spending time dwelling about it (as you can tell from some of my previous posts).  Let me clear up the air by saying that I don’t hate my profession.  I enjoy what I do and I am pretty good at it.  If any it is the people around me that I [hate].  As Sir Richard Branson wrote in his book Secrets They won’t Teach You at Business School that most of the time, people quit their job because of the people more so than salary.

Passion at this stage of my life is cycling and perhaps it goes far back to years when I was only 11 in Viet Nam.  A bunch of us decided to skip class and rode our bikes from Ho Chi Minh City to Thu Duc, a 14 miles one way trip.  For no particular reason.  We just rode and rode until we got tired and then turned around.  Later my mom found out and I got yelled at.

But I never pursued my passion in cycling as a career.  I don’t have the DNA for racing.  I’ve tried local races and always came in last but I got a kick out of it.

Lately I have been labeled as negative and depressed…well…in my own defense that is not truly who I really am.  It is the environmental effect.  For many years I’ve been doing a great job of enjoying my work enough yet pursuing my passions outside of work.  I wrote for magazine (that eventually closed down), and I enjoyed every piece that I wrote.  I know I could not pay my bills with such job that’s why I worked as an engineer.  I set out to be an Ironman and accomplished that.  Thus those were my happy years.  However reality does hit and I need to refocus, rethink and reinvent myself.  Perhaps I have gone to the extreme and let it overtaken me.  Remember I said I am going out for a jog in one of my recent post?  That’s right I am jogging again :).

Watch David Mitchell’s short video below about “passion” in the work place.  So true that it is exhausted to be passionate about everything.  And for f’ck shake, how can you be passionate about tax … give me f’king break.  Sir Richard also wrote “…I always urge people to pursue their own interests outside work and take regular holidays.  Exercising your creativity in other settings is not just relaxing; you will stay informed about developments in other fields and connect with a wider of people than you might encounter at work.  Broaden your horizons keeps your thinking fresh and original and makes good business sense.”  Perhaps that is why some of my friends race (tri and cycling) year after year or challenge themselves with newest video games or set out to climb the highest peak that they can or go deep under the ocean.  I called them friends for those reasons.  They have characters. They do more than just trying to climb the corporate ladder.  

The argument goes both way.  As an engineer I was told to go out their to change the world, invent something never been invented before, save our planet … blah blah blah … well it is exhausted, and I am not CHRIST.  I don’t want to be crucified.    I am finding my happiness else where.

Why you shouldn’t follow your passion by Alison Green

Do what you love? Maybe not by Tom McNichol



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