Since the closure of Asyst in 2009 I became very sensitive about being laid off and unemployment.  For the last 3 months I have been trying to redefine my career.  I want to find a sustainable career.  Something that is less sensitive to the economy turmoil.  Something more meaningful.  Something that makes me happy.  I have been looking into possibilities of going back to school.  Getting out of solar and semiconductor industries.  Going through all of this wearing me out.  I believed I have develop what is called GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).  I worried about whether or not I will get lay off when I am 65.  Which is unrealistic because I am only half way there.  However it is never too early to think about the future.  Here are some of my observations on the rise and fall of one’s career:

1. In 2010 Intevac acquired a 3-man company and their technology.  In 2013 one (MC) of the two inventors was let go.  Even a great contributor got let go.

2. In 2009 when Asyst folded, a colleague, DM, at around 50-55 years of age went back to school for a certificate in regulatory affair to help him find work in the biotech industry.  Total he had a BS, MBA, PMP cert., Six Sigma and Regulatory Affair, and still struggling to find work.

3. In 2011 DS was ousted by his subordinate at Daewon after 15 years of service.  Speaking of loyalty.

4. A good friend of mine brother-in-law, LL, had been with HP for 12 years.  One day LL has a new boss and his performance review went from a 4/5 to 2.5/5.  Not enough a$$ kissing there?

What I found inspiring:

1. in 2008 my brother quit his engineering job at Vishay and went to Vegas pharmacy school shortly after his wedding.  And he never looked back.

2. “Never too late to be a doctor” from CNN talked about midlife career change.

Is there  a magic career proof out there?  I guess there is none.  Even small biz owners like some of my friends got to deal with technology changes and uncertainty.

This worrisome and anxiety were very costly for me.  I became very negative and depressed.  I lost interests in many things including riding my bicycle.  Imaging how I trained for 15-20 hours week in 2012, in 2013 I stared at the computer and job sites in despair for 15-20 hours.  I can now feel the pain of those unemployed.  Imaging if I was unemployed, I would go crazy.  Depression and negativity are dangerous.  They are destroying me and everyone around me.

I am taking a step back to prioritize and trying to regain my positive side.  I’ll be mindful about the future and keep myself flexible and adaptable to changes.  I am sure the future will play itself out and there is an answer for everything.

For now I am going for a run 🙂



4 thoughts on “Redefining

  1. Valerie says:

    Life has its ups and downs, and its how you get back up the hill, just like when you ride your bike up the hill. I usually walk my bike up if its too steep but ill eventually get there. Hang in there buddy 🙂

  2. Hoang says:

    That is life Duc. Nothing is guaranteed will last in this world. I quit engineer bc I want some stable career when I was thinking about having family since I know that I would be main source of income. Healthcare is more stable than most of other career that why I picked it. If you ask me if I really like pharmacy probably not but it is a stable and flexible career. You can find job almost everywhere and if you want to get some extra $$ you can work another part time job which most engineering can not do.

  3. Hoang says:

    So don’t stress out too much. Thing will be worked out the way you want as long as you try your best. Try to live happy and open up and don’t think too hard about thing

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