Second bike vs. car

  Bike crash sucks!  This is my second crash within 7 months.   It happened during my ride back to my work from Alviso. I was rolling nice and fast along Lafayette with a tail wind so my guess is I was going at 20mph.  As I halfway entered a T-intersection of Lafayette and Calla Del Mundo, the turning light for Calla turned green.  The car was turning quite fast.  He leaked into the bike lane with his side mirror hitting my left side which pushed me off to the side.  I went down on my right hand side  with my hand hitting the pavement pretty hard.  My right ring and little fingers were scraped up badly. My left index finger felt like it was broken.  My left elbow swelled up with bruises.  And of course road rash on both of my forearms.  Terrible day!

On the bright side thankfully I didn’t hit my head.  The driver was turning next to the car that clipped me stopped and checked to see if I was ok.  A few folks from offices across the street came out as well.  They asked if I got the car’s license plate.  Of course not, I was all shook up barely know my name at the moment.  One of the rider from the Wolf Pack team I was riding with stopped on his way back to the office and offered me a ride.  He put my bike on the back of his SUV and drove me back to Intevac.  Many thanks there buddy!

Be careful out there my fellow cyclists!



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