Deck work

This year’s home improvement project is small but rather important.   My backyard deck has aged quite well.  For the last 4 years I have been busy with other improvements so I paid very little attention to this area.  On top of that I don’t spend much time out on my deck because I don’t have any outdoor furniture therefore it keeping clean and refresh never crossed my mind.  I kept pushing it back one year after another and finally I made it happened this summer.

Before rolling up my sleeves and get dirty, I went out to get a few quote to see what the value is for resorting a deck.  Quotes came back and they range anywhere from $450-$650.  I assumed materials were included.  Worth it to let other people do it?  You can be the judge later.  I always like to do things myself so the cost never really justify. I borrowed the pressure washer from Scott D., got 4 gallons of paint, paint stripper and that was all I really needed.  I think everything cost around $100.  It took me about 15-17 hours to finish and it stretched over the course of 4 days because I lost a day waiting for it to dry and a late summer rain on Monday.

Having a deck in my opinion is a pain.  Imagine staining it every few years.  Washing it takes a lot of water – not very eco friendly at all.  I think giving my deck a makeover this time will let me have it for another 2-3 years or so and I’ll tear it down.  Not exactly sure what I want to do with it but should give me enough time to think, plan and get a permit if I need to.

Before rework


I gave it an olive green to match the lawn

Now that I have a new old deck, I do plan to spend more time out there on the weekend, just reading or something to make good use of it.

While on the subject of ‘restoration’, I am also restoring my confidence for Arizona in November.  Summer has been fast approaching and I am sure it will be over before we even know it., which means tri season has started for me. My first sprint race with USA Productions in Morgan Hill was just swim+bike.  I opted out on the run.  I don’t want to push it too fast too soon and who knows what might happen.  Nevertheless I had a lot of fun.  In the aquabike division, I ranked third, which gave me something to brag about and a little bit of confidence boost for later races.




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