Last race

I finished another 1/2 marathon this past Sunday with Coastal Trail Runs and that marked the end of my racing year.  I no longer fear the long distance and the boredom of running.  Except on a treadmill.  I was really enjoying the run this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful day.  Mostly trail running, good for the soles.  Only a few hundred runners so it wasn’t packed.  I paced myself along nicely at 9 min/mi.

9 miles into the run I started to feel really weird around my front left hip area and at the end of mile 9 it hurt even more if I try to speed things up.  For that I stopped and stretched with the hope that the pain or cramp in this case will go away.  Picked myself up and ran again but no improvement.  At that point I knew it won’t go away.  I can either quit by taking a short cut back to the finish line or limping along for the next 3 miles in pain.  I chose the hard way.  I sucked it up and ran for as long as I can and stop to stretch.

When I get to mile 11 intersection, one of spectator told me to quit by taking a turn at the bridge.  But I’d never do that.  Duc doesn’t quit…not in a million years.  The last 4 miles seemed like forever but I managed to cross the finish line.

I spent the rest of my Sunday wondered what went wrong.  Here are some possible theory: not enough hydration for I was drinking on Saturday night at a Christmas party, didn’t perform proper stretching before the race.  The cold weather can be dangerous.

I set myself out in the morning to beat my last 1/2 marathon time  in Morgan Hill but I failed.  I hate losing especially to myself.  Now I got to train even harder.



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