My new toy

I’ve been a very good boy this year and for that I bought myself a new toy – a training computer from Garmin.  The 310xt.  I couldn’t wait to get the 910xt.  Garmin kept pushing out the ship date.  I think the new ship date is in January now.  In addition I got a great deal on the 310xt, $240 with discount and manufacture rebate, while the 910xt would cost me $450.  The 910xt has some new and enhanced features indeed but for an armature like me spending another $200 doesn’t justify.   I am happy with the 310xt for now.

For a week now I wear it during all my activities to track: mileage, time, heart rate, elevation and calories.  Thus I don’t need to manually write down my work, such a pain.  All I need to do when I get home is turn on my wireless antenna and my workout get upload to my Garmin Connect site.  Knowing how much calories I burn per hour during my bike and run definitely help me a lot to figure out how much food I need to bring with me and how often I need to eat.  I set the watch to remind me to eat at every 300-400 calories.  Useful feature because I often get carried away from eating during exercise.

For a beginner runner like me I use the pace feature to push myself to meet my target pace – 9.5 mi/hr at the moment.  Hopefully I  can get to 9.0mi/hr in the spring.  Before the watch I would have to figure out my route with Google map, time my run and do the math to get my average pace.  With the watch I know roughly my current pace during the and with that I can either push or slow down.

I’ve definitely learned a lot more about myself with this watch.  I am making the best out of it and trying to wear it with every opportunity I get.  2012 will be a big year and hopefully this new gadget will enhance my training in a positive direction.


Here’s a snap shot of my first week with the watch.




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