The real endurance test

Planning is not my thing but sometimes I just don’t have a choice.  For the first time in my life I have nearly a whole year planned out in front of me.  Scary!

In 2012 I am going to put myself through a real physical and mental test – a full triathlon.  My first choice was Florida but that didn’t happen.  I couldn’t get in.  The race was full before it even went online.  I heard Cozumel is beautiful too but going to Mexico is a bit sketchy with all the drug cartels stuff going on.  With very little options left I settled for Ironman Arizona on 11/18/12, a day after my 34 birthday.  As crazy as it sounds, the regular price registration filled up within 15 mins of opening online.  I thought that was insane.  It wasn’t cheap either.  The cost for a full tri is now about $650.  This will be my first and last full tri I will participate in.  The cost, training time, mental readiness and the pain just don’t justify.  Not to mention I’ll have to reduce my social interactions with others.

Bellow is races schedule.  I am doing all the paid races.  Others are tentative, not sure if I have time and money for them.  Next I’ll have to work on my training schedule for the 11 months of 2012.

Is it worth doing?




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