Fall foliage ride

Uvas Canyon

Fall and spring are my two most favorite riding seasons.  The fall foliage and misty early morning are just indescribably beautiful.  Most of my fall rides are long and easy mainly to enjoy the view.  As a way to reward myself after a whole year of racing and challenging rides.  In contrast the spring blossom, warm sun and sprouting greens are hinting to go a bit faster, get out of the winter shell and come back to live.  It’s time to train harder and get stronger for all those big rides coming up in the summer.  Each season offers a very unique setting (very colorful) and riding style.


Approximately 4 years ago during this time of year I got hit by a car on my road bike.  This time today I went down again during a group ride.  No car involved, totally my own fault for being stupid.  Yet I got up ok with a few scratches on my left side of the body and scratches on my right shifter.  Other than that I made it home safe and sound.  And planning to ride again next weekend.



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