2012 races

I started laying out my training schedule, planned to take days off and getting myself mentally ready for 2012 IM Florida…and bam…general entry for 2012 IMF was sold out before they open up for online registration.  I was shocked when I get on their website today to get ready for registration.  Isn’t that crazy?  So most 2012 participants registered on-site? It seemed like the only way to get in is to pay a premium price $1250 or haul my ass to the race site and volunteer to guarantee a spot (I don’t think volunteers get any discount either).  Ironman also have races in Santa Rosa, California called Vineman.  Same scenario, sold out in 30 mins of online opening – insane.  At least I got in that one.

It seems to me racing under Ironman trademark is like going to a top 10 business schools or buying a name brand handbag – we all wanted to be called “iron man” regardless of the cost.

My next attempt will be Arizona in 2 weeks and if I don’t get in I’ll forever give up racing with Ironman.  Alternatively there are other companies offer full triathlon races such as HITS.  I don’t know anyone have raced with them so I can’t give out any feedback.  They seem relatively new.  Pricing is reasonable, $475.  If you don’t really care for name brand there are other races to consider.



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