Food Habits, Patterns, Rules, Addictions and More…

I have been known to have a semi addictive personality when it comes to food.   

I have had mad love affairs with Whoppers, soy lattes, rice crispy treats, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chocolate brownie Think Thin bars, apples, bananas, greek yogurt, whole grain tortilla wraps, Kind fruit and nut bars, canned sardines, anchovies, quinoa, brown rice, etc.  Of course these mad love affairs are not sustainable because eventually I get tired of eating the same thing everyday.  After about 6 to 8 weeks, I am on to my next food of choice.  Except this time – I don’t know what to eat next? 

I have made up so many rules about what I will and will not eat over time that I can’t go back to some of my previous addictions.   Most of these rules surround  health implications.  After eating a Whopper everyday for a month when I was in college, I experienced a surge in chub factor in a very short period of time.   Then I read about soy.  I had always thought my soy latte was a healthy alternative to a whole milk latte.  This was until I read about the process of making soy milk.  The beans actually get washed in alkaline and get blasted with additives and mixed with water to make the “milk”.  This made me go back to consumming regular milk and paying a premium to make sure the milk was from cows not treated with rBST.  Which then put me on to high alert as to what kind of yogurt I should be eating. 

My latest addictions or food habits have been quinoa and sardines.  I decided to drop the word “addiction” and say “habit” because I feel I am making better choices on what foods I decide to enjoy and consume regularly.  Quinoa is very high on the Whole Foods nutritional density chart for whole grains.  It is actually considered a whole protein with all 9 essential amino acids and is gluten free.  Best of all, it is affordable and very easy to make.  The same can be said about canned sardines.  They are affordable, easy to serve and chalk full of protein, omega-3 and minus the high content of mercury found in bigger fish such as tuna.

Unfortunately, I have overdosed on both quinoa and sardines.  For the time being, I find myself gravitating  to the homecooked food of my youth.  Food that my mom and my sisters made:  boiled beans, roasted tomato salsa, lima bean and cactus soup.    I now make these foods myself and strive to diversify my meals as much as possible so that my taste buds always remain engaged.  It would be a tragedy to lose the joy of eating for taste.  Of course, I am also very conscious of nutrition, ease of preparation and affordability.  Eating good food should not be complicated or pricey.  Eating food that is good and good for you is the daily goal.


2 thoughts on “Food Habits, Patterns, Rules, Addictions and More…

  1. Duc Le says:

    Do you like sandwiches? frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s? I typically have about 2 times of quinoa/week just so I don’t get sick of it. If you want my “delicious” sandwich recipes, let me know 🙂

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