100 miler

Another random milestone also happened this summer – I rode 100 miles a few weeks ago.  Two nights before the ride I got an email from a friend saying that he can not ride because he had a triathlon race the day after so he needs someone to ride for him.  I was the first to reply.

The ride was with Lion Club – I care classic. The ride was to raise awareness for blind and sight impared.  There were 4 of us total and we set out to ride only 100km not 100 miles.  Big difference.  However both routes are very much the same for the first 35 miles.  The route was amazing as the photo I took here revealed a beautiful countryside in morgan hill/gilroy.  At the 16 miles or so Nguyen and I left the other two riders behind so we continued on our own.  At the 35 miles marker where 100km supposed to take the turn to go back we continued on without having any clue that we’re now on the 100 miles.  Not until we hit the farming areas in Hollister we then realized there were less and less riders riding with us.  Not a soul insight.  That was when Nguyen asked me if we were on the right route.  My reply was – of course, look at the white arrow.

10 miles later we came across a SAG (support and gear) car and sure enough we were on the 100 miles.  At this point, turning around was not an option so might as well finish the route.  When we checked back in, the time stamp was read at 2pm.  We started riding at around 7am.  Seating on a saddle for nearly 7 hours wasn’t fun.  I was not sure if I could do it without rest stops.  Now I can start to appreciate these organized rides.  They definitely give people an opportunity to push their limit and trying things that they thought they could never do.  I never thought about riding 100 miles but now I can proudly say that I’ve done one. And survived.

Post ride picture taken by the staff of me eating lunch.

To sum it all up, you never know how far you can go until you try and you never know how fast you are unless you ride with others.  Sky is the limit.

from left (my bike) to right (Nguyen’s bike)



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