As much I am remodeling my houses, it’s remodeling me at the same time.  For the past three  plus years, I’ve created all sort of projects for myself during the winter and I’ve learned a lot from them.  Learned the ins and outs of remodeling, reconstruction,  gardening…etc…etc you name it. The most important lesson of all would be making the right decision.  Thus not all the decisions I’ve made for the house were the best but I’ve learned from it and get wiser on next project.  This year project isn’t as big as last year but deciding between a french door ($$$) vs. a sliding door ($) was a bit tough.  At the end, I think I made the right decision.  Not exactly sure how much longer I’ll live here but I’ll definitely enjoy my purchase for the rest of the year.

In general people that work for you deliver what you want.  So you don’t know what you want, they will not know what to deliver.  There’s no bad worker (or contractor), there’s only bad owner.  At this point of my life, I think I know what I want and I am willing to travel the distant to get it.

It’s definitely a lot of works – the financial planning, the shopping, the “doing” part and the cleaning up but at the end it’s very rewarding. There’s definitely a sense of accomplishment looking back.

If you are looking for windows and sliding/french door, I highly recommend contacting Robin at Almaden Window and Door.  And of course skillful Artemio for helping to complete the project.

For more photos >>>click here<<<



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