The suit

Batman, Spiderman, Superman…etc, all these super heroes have one thing in common – they all wear a suit. And what does the suit do to them?  It makes them powerful, invisible, making everything possible.  Above all, they save the world.

I am not a superhero by any means.  I was born as a wimpy kid, and I just wanted to swim the distance.  A month ago, I couldn’t a lap without drinking a lot of chlorine.  Just by a simple coincident, I found my “suit”. My suit doesn’t make feel power nor invisible nor saving the world but what it does is get me in the pool at 11am during the winter cold.  And today for the very first time in my life I swam 2x half mile.  As a matter of fact, I start to enjoy swimming now.

Well, we are who we are and we are what we do.  Sometimes we need a suit that can boost us to go an extra mile.



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