Leaving 2009

2010 has finally arrived.  The year that many people are looking forward to – to turn the economy around, to find a better job that they don’t have to do 3 people works.  And we just hope all that will come true.  There were probably worse than good things had happened to me in ’09 but nevertheless I still think it was a great year.  If one thing I learned from ’09, it must be ‘fear’.  It was fear that stopped many of us from progressing in life.  It was fear that holding us back from doing what we always wanted to do.  It was fear that preventing us from becoming the person we should be.  It was fear that put us in the world of darkness and slowly disintegrates ourselves from the outside world. And it was fear that makes us losing our way.

Just like anything else, fear is a personal choice.  We can choose to let it be a dominant factor or just simply let it be a common denominator.  For the most part of ’09, I chose to live without it for once for I knew for sure it was not the greatest force to destroy me and for I’ve lived with it for most of my life.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that once you are opening up to challenges the door of opportunities and adventures are awaited.  And I have found some answers to most of my questions.  Some results didn’t quite turn out to be the way I imagined – rather disappointing.  But some answers were just a pleasant surprise and made me wonder why it took me so long to figure it out.

And without fear, the learning curve is exponential.  Mistakes are waiting to take place, but not all mistakes are unfixable and that’s how we learn – by making mistakes.  People always say that money and time will fix everything.  Unfortunately some of us need more than that – self-fixing.  In contrary to both fear and mistakes, patience can somehow be a magic elixir.  Patience is not the answer for everything but that is what answers are based on.  Sometimes adding a little patience will change the whole world.

Taken with my iPhone on my first cycling day of the year.



5 thoughts on “Leaving 2009

  1. PT says:

    Are you an engineer, or a writer? It is a compliment Duc… since it has been for such a long time, I did not meet any Vietnamese gentleman has such the writing… I think that you are much younger than me, but I am impressed by just reading your profile… I would like to see what are you doing with engineering world… Thanks for sharing such an important mark of your stories…

    • Duc Le says:

      Thank you for your compliment. I am a mechanical engineer. And yourself? I am trying to balance myself out with art and music. Being technical all the time can really be boring sometimes.

  2. PT says:

    Hello Duc,

    You reminded me of someone I knew in the past… No wonder you will have a hard time working for others. Enjoy other sides of the engineering world whenever you can…

    I am a teacher and a chemical engineer by training, but recently I am a staying home mom (it is the nicest thing I have done for myself and my family for such a long time!)

    I enjoyed reading your writing — What are you doing in the mechanical engineering world lately? I like the word innovation, but it did cost me many lessons learned in the past…

    • Duc says:

      I am working for a Korean company making equipments used in Semiconductor fab these days. But still holding a part-time position with a small research firm that works with NASA to develop a XPS spectrometer for Mars exploration.

      • PT says:

        Thanks for sharing the information. If you have questions about the Semiconductor Fab Processing related to process control and SPC, let me know, and I’ll happy to help (it was what I have done for the past 10 years)… We’ll keep in touch!

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