The road to healthy lifestyle

Having ‘beef jerky’ and ‘instant noodle’ and call it beef noodle for a meal is beyond unhealthy.  I did it a few times out of laziness more than working 8+ hours.  Now that I pay for my own health insurance, I don’t have full privilege of running to see the doctor anytime anymore.

In addition, I don’t really like how most of my doctors handle my visits.  Last time I went to see a doctor about my muscle spasm was a year ago.  This is how the visit went: went in half asleep, paid $20 co-pay, had a 5 minutes conversation with the doctor, came out with a muscle relaxation prescription that costs an arm and a leg.  Come on now.

As an engineer, if my machine is making a squeaky noise, I don’t just grease it up and hope the problem will go away.  We have tools like: failure mode analysis, shot-gun approach, SWAT team…etc.  I would expect (and I always forgot to ask) he/she would run a vitamins/minerals or some diagnosis to find the root cause – but no.  I was a bit disappointed. Very disappointed.  I have these problems all my life, it just doesn’t happen once so there must be something missing.

There are a few things I am working on: bike longer, swim longer and run longer without having to worry if I can sleep at night.  Dry skin and get sick easily in the winter.  I am taking the matter in my own hand and do my own research with reliable sources like WebMD.  Besides eating healthy, which I had salad every night now, and eating varieties, I think I need to take some supplement.

1/day for men, C, A, Potassium, Garlic, Iron, Fish oil = 7 pills … ewws

When I see people popping in 5 sup pills, I thought they are lazy.  But the reality is that we don’t get enough from daily foods.  I know I don’t.  Eating healthy is extremely hard for me to keep up.  It comes and goes; however, I am hoping to develop the habit and enjoyment just like I did with cycling.



One thought on “The road to healthy lifestyle

  1. Leah says:

    I am confident in telling you that you do not need all 7 pills =).

    There’s no proof that vitamin C or A are effective. It might or might not work.

    Potassium supplement– take only if your doctor took a blood test and say that you’re low.

    Garlic- may be good but there’s no hard scientific proof. The real ones may be more beneficial.

    Iron– only if your lab result said you’re deficient.

    Fish oil– take if your triglyceride is over 200, need blood test for this. If you exercise regularly or are active most of the time you most likely don’t need this.

    I hope this helps! Sorry, I am a nerd at heart, hehe.

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