Cave diving

caveCave in Sapa, Viet Nam

This year diving will take me down south – Mexico.  Did some researches and talked to a handful of people, it came down to: Tulum and Playa Del Carmen.  I’ve been in several caves around the world (e.g. Oregon, CA, Thailand, Vietnam…) but cave diving??? will be my first.

Tulum is well known of cenotes and cave diving.  My friend, GE and her husband had dove in the past and recommended as well.  Unfortunately, Tulum doesn’t  offer wreck and night dives…for that, I’ll trek back to Playa Del Carmen for my wreck dives.




Photos from Xibalba dive shops

I’ll post a detail itinerary later just in case I don’t return.  And if you have an underwater case for a Nikon D80, I want to borrow.

Some interesting sites to read on:

The longest underwater cave in the world

Diving carvens in Tulum Mexico



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