Mountain biking – telltale

This is how HS got from intermediate to advance and ready to race level.  This weekend we hit demotration forest (<<< see trail map) particular just to do Braille after 3 years.  We could barely remember our way around but we made it to the summit.  Unfortunately the downhill part wasn’t easy on some riders.  My friend, HS, went down badly.  We also saw another biker cracked his chin.  It was the bloodiest weekend I’ve ever seen.


this is how you get promote from one level to the next

The dynamic of mountain biking after this weekend will definitely change significantly.  When my college buddy, CG, took me up here for the first time, he put on a fullface helmet, elbows guards and shins gaurds. Now I understand why CG did what he did.  What doesn’t destroy you only make you stronger…so ride on!



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