Opium dream – You and popcorn

In my dream …

I strayed into the crowd, making my way to the bar through the smelly Tenderloin neighborhood to meet an old friend after a long day of proving myself to the government in a freezing cold room and their questions hurt my brain.  I felt life the moment I stepped out of the 30 something stories building.  The outside early evening breeze from the bay was so much better.  Refreshing.  Awake.  I needed a drink badly even though I was hungry.  The government is cheap, they didn’t give us a drop of water.  We drank out of a fountain.  Yack.  Just one drink before dinner, I told myself.  I walked straight to the middle of the bar, looked for Ed.  Uhm…late again.   I turned around looking and all of the sudden my craving for a beer and the desire to catch up with Ed vanished into the air when I saw Jane – my inner voice gave her that name and I thought it was just beautiful.  She was sitting by the window, crossed legs on a high bar stool cracking mini mini smiles with her friend.  Her golden curly blond hair and cheery bubbly face with all the great features  stopped the world spinning all around me.  Hey man!  and just like that, Ed brought me back to reality like a psychiatrist snaps hit fingers to bring the patient out of hypnosis.

We settled down at the bar counter just the way Ed always wanted.  That way he can get his next drink before finishing the one on hand.  We need something to munch on don’t we?  Wow, Duc, my inner voice complimented.  So off I went for the popcorn.  It was there by Jane.  As I got closer and closer to Jane and we started to make eyes contact.  We both greeted each other with a simple smile.  Hello – we both said simultaneously.

I like the light buzz of the alcohol.  Dreamy and blur vision.  Jane picked up her champagne and finished it with a big gulp.  In just a minute, Jane bid her friend farewell and lost in the crowd as I looked out the front door wanted to get up chasing after her.  But I felt like my legs were tied to the bar stool, my hands were cuffed behind my back and a voice from behind me said I’ll shoot if you move, something like a FBI agent would say to a criminal.  So long Jane.  Loving is short…forgetting is long.



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