Over the cliff

There’s always some stories to tell after we got out of Skeggs.  This weekend the heat wave visited the Bay Area at somewhat 100F.  HS and I  loaded ourselves with soda pop and bbq foods prepared by our unemployed chef friend outside in the heat as we were waiting for the temperature to get cool down so we can get our weekly ride.  Not until 6.30pm we left to  Skeggs.  Got there around 7.3opm.  Technically we got about 45 mins of sun due to well covered redwood but still we decided to try out new trails with steeper climbs and longer ride.  We made a couple of wrong turns and ended up with some crazy climb.  Even pushing our bike up was tiring.  My energy level ran low without proper carb intake before the ride.  At 8.43pm, we  were heading out on back to Bear Gulch road from Steam Donkey via Blue Blossom.  There was no sunlight left, barely could the trail be seen.  At one point, HS stopped to pull his bike over a root but I didn’t – I tried to ride over it.  My front wheel went over and stopped.  I uncleatted but fell over the right and tumbled down the side of the trail.  Fortunately I reached out and grabbed a hanging root of a redwood before the real drop begins.  Lightly scrapped up but all were good….we made ourselves back to the road at like 9.15pm, didn’t get to the car ’til 9.30pm and there was a park ranger waiting for us.  I guess if by morning and the truck is still there, a missing effort will proceed.


HS’ video clip of me climbing out of  hell  http://www.facebook.com/p.php?i=542492149&k=Z6G6ZXS3R4WNUGLFVJ34TQ



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