Things that make me :-?

1. It was an exciting moment when my cousin told me she had switched to WordPress from Yahoo blogging.  For one, Yahoo blogging is just yuck. I don’t like the interface and many other things.  Well, my cousin didn’t change it out of her will or care so much about my opinions.  She changed because the Viet Nam government banned people from using Yahoo blogging.  For whatever reasons, I just think it’s the most ridiculous thing ever.  In Viet Nam, if the government can’t control a certain activity – banning is the way to go.  Take for example, they banned firecrackers during Tet (lunar new year). This is why VN is still VN.  Taking away some of the most fundamental in people lives is not making the country better or safer.  They are taking away people’s competitive edge and the ability to advance in today’s technology.  I hope they don’t ban blogging all together.

2. The joy of going for a  hike or mountain biking at a park will soon diminish in California.  There will less parks to choose from for more than 200 parks will be closed and we all know why.

3. Last time I saw a female on scooter was in VN of last year.  That’s very rare here in the States but I saw one this morning on my way to work and I thought it was sexy.  Not so much in the sexual way because I didn’t see her face but the novelty of commuting via scooter/vespa is.  There’s a point to this…so read on.


Instead of calling a shotgun, let’s take a systematic approach to the problem.  This is how people in my new office commute to work:

  • DG is in his 50s.  He lives about 7 miles from work.  He commutes with a bicycle
  • CB is in his early 70s. Give or take his apartment is 10 miles from work.  He commutes with a motorcycle
  • Me (Duc LE)  in his 30s with a fair physical condition.  I drive 14 miles to work.  Shame…shame…shame on  me as you may think.

Yes, there are only 3 of us here in the office , which means two third are commuting within 10 miles to and from work (excluding those with big new house in Tracy and commute for 2-3 hours to work) so why do we need such a big locomotive like cars and SUVs and Hummer and they cost a lot of money to do so.  With all the admiration to Better Place for their revolution, I still think that they only focus on a part of the problem.  What about traffic?  On a good day I get to work in 20-25 minutes and I don’t even want to talk about the bad day.  So why don’t we scale down our transportation system?  How many of you fill up all the seats in your car in a normal work week?  What do you store in that spaceous Escalade trunk? A dead cow you ran over on Altamon Pass?

This is from P.J. O’Rourke in his new book Driving Like Crazy, “By the late 1980s, cars — particularly minivans and SUVs — were providing a smooch-friendly environment. What with fold-up seats and fold-down video screens, it was a regular hotel suite in there.  But why bother when kids could walk to each other’s parentally unsupervised homes, or ride a bike or a skateboard. Contemporary teen sexual activity has a small carbon footprint.  The other point of a car, besides taking a girl for a ride in it, was finding a girl to take for a ride. Boys did this by looking cool in cool cars. A few boys — high school football stars and such — could look cool without cars. But these were the boys who had cool cars anyway.”

Since car is not the place for smooching anymore and girls are riding vespa to get around…so guys, why bother with a hot convertible Boxter or a souped up Acura or a shiny wheels set on a Hummer that I can litterally use it as a mirror to pop my pimple.

Look at the photo, she only occupies 1/2 of the lane.  This is not Viet Nam.  In Viet Nam, it doesn’t matter if you are on a vespa or in car or taking public buses, you are screwed.  We have a decent size  roads here.  On a 3 lanes road, we can possibly fit 5 vespas and the traffic won’t be so bad.  Furthermore, if all these vespa are electric, we’re there…solving multiple problems at the same time.

Imagine this, you can pull up next to a hot girl and start a conversation.  Let me tell you something, you can’t do that in a car.  That actually will open up new opportunities for businesses – ride by dating.

Let’s do the math here: 14 miles in 25 mins for my commute.  That’s is about 35 miles/hour.  That can safely and leisurely be done on a vespa.  For those  still love to drive to work…Arnold can charge them big bucks to balance his 20+ billion debt so my mountain biking parks remain open.

There are so many ways out there to improve our problems but the thing is, we don’t want to change.  We are living by the engineering rules, if things don’t break – don’t touch it.  Until some catastrophe happen then it may be too late.

Remember – it’s sexy on a scooter/vespa



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