2008 Memoir & Best of 20s

Happy New Year!

Starting today I am moving so I am just going to keep this post brief and to the point…there are lot of packing and unpacking to do.  Furthermore, I don’t see myself posting anything anytime soon due time constraint.

Personally and worldly 2008 was one heck of a year.  Personally, I am addicted to writing and reading more and more.  Yes, it was you got me first started on xanga…it was you had changed my life forever – in a good way.  And to all my friends for your encouragements to keep my creative thinking going.  With that saying thanks to you and everyone.  Mentally, I’ve grown more mature not just by adding number but learned from my past experiences and avoided making the same mistakes.  I came to realize the best way to free myself is to forgive myself whether or not it’s really my fault.  Instead of protesting and making a fool out of myself on the street, I signed up to work with the judge and justice system to correct the broken education system…I am yet to be a lawyer but maybe one day because talk is always cheap.  I started to be more competitive in everything that  I do without ruining the fun.  I finished my run and race nearly at the bottom but I loved it.  I don’t let the previous result gets in the way of my next competitions. In another word, I have more confidence in myself and everything that I do. ’08 took me out of the 20s category into something new and fresh.  Looking back at my 20s…here are some of the highlights:


Beest first birthday cake ever…it was beelicious topped with 25 candles.  The planning and surprise were magnificent.  I loved it! Thank you.


First trip to Asia – Singapore and Malaysia.  First time exposed to scuba diving in an aquarium feeding and playing with nurse sharks, sting ray…etc.


In my adulthood, Cosette was my best pet: cute, great personality, clean, friendly and loves chocolate.  I might have a hard time finding my next pet for Cosette had set the standard too high.  Anything less than that I will not take.


Definitely worth it.  Being a kid at Disneyland for the first time in my life during our springbreak was way way better than being with wild girls on Miami beach, even though I’ve never been to one but I’d rather be here.


Mike A. gave me the full engineering title long before I got my degree.  One thing I loved about working for a small consulting firm was that I got to do everything: marketing, project management, manufacturing, field engineering.  I left because I needed to learn the cruel big corporate culture and process.


First large scale commercial project was at Varian and I did almost everything: project management, manage resources, design (mechancial, industrial, control system, part of electrical and programming) and drove it to the market.  ProTune saved many scientists hand tunning time and crawling under the gaint NMR/MRI magnets.


First backpacking trip after working in Oxford


Best live sport event ever…30-40ft high waves.  Only the bests can survive the Mavericks.  My documentary was accepted by Nha Magazine.  This piece gave me more reasons to photo and write.


Most wanted photo at my exhibition.  Thank you all for coming and your support.  Shoot me an email if you want information about this hike…it was a beautiful hike.


It was a bit crazy boys night out in NYC.


14,000 ft above sea level.  Mt Shasta opened me up to new challenges.  Next climbs: Kilomanjaro, Himalayas, Mt. Fuju…in my 30s.


Somphone Sayavong…most respected man at Asyst.  He knows everything.  I have learned a lot and had a great time working with the man.


My Switz man from undergrad, Stefan Galeston, second row second from the left.  Here we were at Varian.  It was a mistake putting us together in the same office.  Sometimes we closed our office door and lit things on “fire”.  Something that we did quite often back  in college.


Underwater sign language for “shark”.  Some people have dove for years and never seen whale shark, the biggest creature in the ocean.  It was our first dive in Koh Samui and we scored.  My favorite diving place so far…Sail Rock.


Best Thanksgiving turkey ever…wrapped with bacon.  It was extra beelicious!


One of the largest mountain in Northern America, Whistler, for boarders and skiers, and we were there!  The day before that we got so wasted on new year eve with 140 proof Absent…nasty drink.  A year later, I crashed and burnt at Kirkwood on my jump with permanet ribcage damage on my left.  That marked the end of my snowboarding years.

ER bill

Biggest medical bill in my 20s after my attempt playing chiken with a SUV on my Schwinn road bike and survied.  Nearly $21k…Kaiser was pissed.


Best backpacking trip – Vietnam. Not so much for diving.  My next dives: Cozumel, OZ, New Zealand, Fiji.  All these dives led to www.planadive.com


Not so much of a golfer but managed to get a few pars and birdie with my golf buddy B.U.I.  He’s also my bff – omg.  LOL 🙂


Imaging a day airplane can fly by itself.  Going to work without the actual driving part.  That what vision sensing is for.  One of my most exciting project to graduate from SCU.  And that what we engineers do.  We are the creator of tomorrow’s technologies.  We’re changing the way we live and work.  Be proud with what you do…


I am feeling it!

To sum it all up:

  • In my 20s, there were only one person and one single event that forever changed my life.
  • In my 20s, the happiest moment happened shortly after I moved in my apartment – the month of March.
  • In my 20s, the most memorable moment was a simple 2-loop walk in the evening after diner at the Vine Yard in Saratoga.
  • In my 20s, the most exciting event was dog hunting.  Shelter after shelter, and what happened when we got one?  I threw everything away.
  • In my 20s, the toughest time was going through my chemotherapy.  I was a ghost.  I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.  My weight went down to 130 from 160.  I lost a full set of hair.  I couldn’t climb more than 10 flights of stair.  I was so scared when Friday came.  At some points I ran out of places to inject myself.  My hands were shaking every time I held up a syringe.  Mentally and physically I was unstable but I didn’t miss a single day of school, always on time for my early work meetings.  After the cure…nothing was impossible to me.
  • In my 20s, the scariest moment was laying on the snow and thinking that I would be paralyzed for the rest of my life.
  • In my 20s, the deadliest moment flashed in front of my eye when the SUV hit me.
  • In my 20s, the most challenging period was waking up at 6am, walked Cosette in the rain, hustled to take my exam, tried to stay on top of my class and ran to work.  I don’t know how I did it but I did it.
  • In my 20s, I’ve exposed to  the maximum usage of alcohol and drugs.  I’ve witnessed transaction events and meetings between dealers.  And I wondered, why do people choose to live their lives in the dark or addicted to the most stupidest things in life.
  • In my 20s, I taught myself playing piano and music as a way to express myself before writing took place.
  • In my 20s, I wanted to work for myself.  I started looking for side consulting projects but the whole business idea itself is actually much harder than it sounds.

So don’t you ever tell me I’ve not lived my life to the fullest.  What happened to me and what I’ve gone through were more than you could ever imagine.  However, I still feel like I’ve not pushed myself hard enough.  No significant contributions to the society.  I haven’t changed anyone’s life or making it better.  Well, I guess I’ll do that in my 3os.

Above are just a few that I can grab a hold of.  I am sure there are lot and lot of other events that happened but with a little bit of aging, I can not remember them all.  Regardless of big or small event, people came and gone, they were all life changing experiences and I am glad they happened in my 20s.

Wordly, need me to tell you?  We all know what’s up…I mean down.  I voted for Yomama for my gut told me that he can do a better job.  Hopefully that will stay true for the next 4 years.  And that gave us the first ever colored president…how excited.  What a big change!  China continued to scare the world with creative materials in foods and toys.  Fighting in Mid East just never stopped.  Don’t these people get tired of fighting?  Because I am tired of these fightings occupied valuable news time.  I do have plan to go back to Europe in ’09 to visit my cousin in Sweden, friends in Switzerland and Germany.  If financially feasible.  Economy is bad.  Home prices are at record low. My draw back plan is going back to Vietnam and roast coffee.



2 thoughts on “2008 Memoir & Best of 20s

  1. hoang le says:

    Yes, I could never imagine what you had been thru before I read this blog. I am so proud of you…I will make you as a role model for my boy when he grow up

  2. sume says:

    Happy new year. 😉 Looks like you’ve definitely had a memorable one to say the least. Good luck with your move and best wishes for the year of the ox!

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