Never alone

There are just so many right reasons for me to say that.  Majority of the time I bike on my own and majority of people out there are biking alone but it doesn’t feel that way to me.  We ask the person on the side of a street if he/she is ok regardless if he/she is hurt or taking a break or just enjoying the view.  We stop and  share our bump and tool set even if it means we have to start the momentum over again.  We give the struggling riders a little mental boost during the climb and turn around  to check on them making sure they don’t crash.  We share and discuss challenging and interesting riding routes…etc.  Well, these little courtisies were not written in the cycling book anywhere nor founded by Moses.  They were made up as we ride along, as we understand the chanllenges and difficulties and important to finish that 50 miles ride.  They are in the heart of every cycler (cyclist).  Enjoy your ride!



One thought on “Never alone

  1. ladyjade7013 says:

    Now that sounds like a great camaraderie sport. Although, I don’t see the same relationship for car drivers. With all the honking and cutting each other off in lanes– it’s certainly not as heartful as cycling. Did you know I didn’t know how to ride my first bike until I was 16? (hmm, maybe that’s not something I should be bragging about). -_-;;

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