Music talk

I very much enjoy discussing music with my coworker,  YM, during our work hour.  It makes my day goes a bit faster and more fun.  This week I was introduced to two new artists and a new music land (Amie Street).  Good taste YM!

Ain’t Gonna Lose You by Brett Dennen (folk rock/pop/indie)

You can put a stick in my spokes
I can be the butt of your jokes
I can be the laughing stock, i can be your hoax
But i aint gonna lose you

They can come and tear my house down
They can run me out of town
They can tie me up, call me a clown
But i ain`t gonna lose you

I can`t stand
The thought of another man

They can make me turn my back on my friends
Send me away to up in san quentin
Put me in the hole, a thousand times again
But i ain`t gonna lose you

Throw me in a hurricane
Tell the whole world i`ve gone insane
Run an electric shock to my brain
But i ain`t gonna lose you

I can`t stand
The thought of another man

I`ll sing it from my roof top
I`ll sing it from the bus stop
I`ll sing it on the street drunk to a cop
But i ain`t gonna lose you

Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic

And it starts…
Sometime around midnight
Or at least that’s when
You lose yourself
For a minute or two

As you stand…
Under the barlights
And the band plays some song
About forgetting yourself for a while
And the piano’s this melancholy soundcheck
To her smile
And that white dress she’s wearing
You haven’t seen her
For a while

But you know…
That she’s watching
She’s laughing, she’s turning
She’s holding her tonic like a crux
The room suddenly spinning
She walks up and asks how you are
So you can smell her perfume
You can see her lying naked in your arms

And so there’s a change…
In your emotions
And all of these memories come rushing
Like feral waves to your mind
Of the curl of your bodies
Like two perfect circles entwined
And you feel hopeless, and homeless
And lost in the haze
Of the wine

And she leaves…
With someone you don’t know
But she makes sure you saw her
She looks right at you and bolts
As she walks out the door
Your blood boiling
Your stomach in ropes
And when your friends say what is it
You look like you’ve seen a ghost

And you walk…
Under the streetlights
And you’re too drunk to notice
That everyone is staring at you
And you so care what you look like
The world is falling
Around you

You just have to see her
You just have to see her
You just have to see her
You just have to see her
You just have to see her

And you know that she’ll break you
In two

In return:

Corner by The Receiver

” …How can I show that I am glad to be with you?

I’m hoping that my actions tell you the things I’d like to say

How can I attach with enough separation?…”

Very nice lyrics

Flow By by Hush Collector

My main music source is  SomaFM during work hour here.  Enjoy the music!



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