"Endless Zero" narrative sequence


Wound up in a reality prison cell. Wanting to get out. Needed a change.


Moving forward in life. A sign of maturity. A new decade. New perspective.


Learning, continuing education, grow and lead.


Warm feet, firm decisions, decisive, directional.


Every node is equally important. All together they make up a beautiful melody


Needless to say _________ for everything! (fill in the blank)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This is my short little narrative sequence project I came up with at 2am in the morning when trying to have a peaceful sleep is more difficult than staying awake.  Sometimes sleeping just won’t help, staying up and being productive is a better use of time. Narrative sequence is one of the most beautiful forms of expression; writing and photography complementing each other.  Together they tell an interestingly beautiful story.  The sequencing of images are very important. The story can have a different meaning by altering the sequencing of images. My last black and white film narrative sequence project was a bit techie so I thought I’d try something else this time.



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