First race

ss_jerseyAfter 8 years plus of riding (mountain + road), I am officially putting on San Jose Bicycle Club jersey and entered my first criterium this Sunday in San Jose (Lundy and Trade Zone).  My reasons for joining SJBC are that I want to improve my riding skill and people in my club are willing to help.  It’s one of the most active club in the Bay Area here with events every month.  Though I finished my crit toward the end, I have learned a lot from other cyclers and mentors.

Well, I haven’t completely giving up mountain biking yet.  I am still hitting the dirt road every now and then for a spectacular views here in the bay area and high mountain cleaned air.

After all these years, I’ve been very afraid of racing and competition (except for volleyball) but I guess not anymore.  Without competitions I would never learn and improve.  Without competitions I would never know that I only paddle haft as hard as others.  Without competitions I would never push myself to ride more than 50 miles or climb to the top of Almaden valley.  Competitions had truly  built up my confidence and keeping me focus.  At the end of every competition, it’s all about lossing and winning, but little by little, I am accepting these results as a new opening to something better and greater for my next race.  I am leaving today’s crit behind, forget about it and looking toward my next crit.  It’s gonna be first place… I don’t want no stinky second place.



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