A ride to remember

Every since Lance Armstrong announced his come back to racing, I thought I would have a chance to be in a competition if I work really really really hard (well that was a joke). I thought I know Palo Alto enough after 5 years of working there and have ridden Canada road at least once before so I decided to leave my cell phone behind to make the ride a bit lighter. Wrong turns after wrong turns and misread the sign turned my 30 miles ride to a 45 miles ride and partly in the dark with no front and rear lights. By the time I got back to my car it was something like 9.30ish. The temperature up in the mountain dropped quite rapidly after the sun set and I ran low on water and energy. My upper legs started to cramp up when I hit the wrong Portola Rd climb. I didn’t have much of a choice but to get back to my car. The only thing I was really afraid of at the moment was flat tire. It was one heck of a ride!



4 thoughts on “A ride to remember

  1. ducle says:

    Beo is a fictional character/name for my new cell phone that YB and I came up with. It has nothing to do with Beowulf…if my Viet is correct, Beo means cheetah.

  2. yb says:

    Duc came up with it all on his own. I thought it was short for Beowulf; that would have been one fierce name for a blackberry. Anyway, I see it very fitting that the BB should have a proper name. Afterall, it is a most faithful companion.

  3. ducle says:

    I could have had an iPhone if my company IT department knows how to configure it to work with the email system. I am milking the company before it sinks like the Wall St.

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