Dinner table moments

Occasionally when my family run out of stuffs to talk about they would pick on me and my childhood moments. One of their most favorite subject is my hair style and light skin color before the scarring on my neck took place. They say that I looked like Maika – Cô Bé Từ Trên Trời Rơi Xuống or She Came Out of the Blue Sky in English. I’ve heard of the movie and remembered watching it when I was much younger but I don’t really recall what the character looked like. It was a Czechoslovakia sci-fi tv series based on child book by Václav Pavel Borovička. Maika is actually from another planet called – Gurun and lands in a fictional town – Čabovce. She befriends with local kids and uses her super power to replicate things and fly them around. Today, as I was making a list of things I’ll purchase in Vietnam, which includes old movies, I sparked an idea to look for Maika online video and found it. The funny thing is that my family don’t have any picture of me to prove that I looked like her so I just have to take their words for it. And I don’t know if I should take it as a complement or not since i look like a “girl”. Sometimes childhood memories are best to keep them in an imaginary way then trying to find the real truth.



5 thoughts on “Dinner table moments

  1. yb says:

    oh ducin-la, i love maika! i just spent 22:50 watching that video clip and i didnt understand a word but that little maika was quite charming. i think you should def take the resemblance as a compliment. i totally see a bit of Maika in you, even now (not that you look like a girl or anything). you know, i can empathize with being picked on by older siblings, personally i just think they find us extremely amusing and maybe a little unconventional =P

  2. ducle says:

    Oh my Gosh,
    I remember this Maika character, although I don’t remember exactly what the story line was. I remember my cousin used to ask me to do all kinds of stuff for him just so he would let me watch this movie. Bastard!

    Commented by VT

  3. ladyjade7013 says:

    That’s so interesting because growing up, my mom loved that series that she cut my hair just like Maika’s too. I remembered watching it when I was so young but I don’t remember what the girl look like now. We also named our dog Maika =P

  4. joeker says:

    Wow, this bring back memories too. I was 5 or 7 at the time. After watching the show my cousin decided to cut my hair like Maika and we both got a good beat down from my uncle for it. yeah, my cousin wasn’t much of a stylist/barber I can tell you that. Great times…it’s memories like this that makes me realize how much I miss vietnam.

  5. Hao says:

    My husband and I loved this movie so much that so often when we talked about our childhood memories we would mentioned this movie over and over again. We would love to have a copy of this movie and wondering if any one can tell us where to get it in Saigon next time we are back to Saigon. H

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