As the Olympic begins

As an Asian American, who do you root for in the Olympic? Your mother land or American athletes? If I have a choice I’d definitely root for my own people, but do I? Vietnam first appeared in the Olympic at the 1952 Helsinki, Finland. And to date they only have one ‘silver’ medal in the record, and it went to Tran Hieu Ngan in a taekwondo competition at the 2000 Sydney Olympic. It’s not so much about the medal count that matters. China is a much larger country and so in population but to date they only have 286 medals. What I am trying to emphasize is the enthusiasm about sports in my people. Have things change since I left 15+ years ago? Are the swimming pools clean enough so that all the mothers will allow their kids to go in? Is there a real P.E. class in the school system? Do parents encourage their kids to play sports or worry too much about they will get dark (like me)? Is there an after school sport system to keep kids from pick pocketing? I’ve heard many things had changed in Vietnam from friends and families like no more xyclo, taxi system in place, people are partying off the hook, modern night clubs, Mickey-D stores, KFC and blah…blah…blah…but no one ever mentioned to me about how the people system. Is it that important to chase after the American-like life style than shaping up the people?

Go here for TV coverage schedule.

Go here for competition chedule and results



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