Corporate training

There’s nothing worse than taking non-sense half-ass training classes. If it not a waste of company’s money and time, it’d be wasting my precious web browsing time and/or chatting with friends. My company has been asking everyone to take an online safety class, which is fine, since I don’t like to sit in training class anyway. To prove that I am a decent employee, I logged in and started my training, but then it didn’t take long for me to stop. First of all, the content sucks big time. It has nothing to do with what we make here or how to prevent people from getting hurt by our robots. We don’t do welding here, who the hell cares about welding safety? Any average person with working experience would know about these common senses: eyes, hands and body mechanics safety. Some statistics are old…need to be updated. I am sure most people have gone through something like this at times in their life. If they company is trying to cover their ass, at least make it more decent. The presentation is horrible:

· I can’t figure out what all the icons mean. There’s no roll over

· Some pages don’t have any navigation

· Buttons on the quiz page don’t change color…I had no ideas if I selected the answer or not

· Same question repeats at least 3x

What really really annoys me is that the “Mr. in-charge” has stopped by my cube everyday for the last couple of days to bug me to finish the darn test…come one! Don’t you have anything else better to do with your time?



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